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 A message from the FFDOA Chaplain
September 11, 2012

American author Mark Twain once wrote about what he thought it would be like to fly. He said, “The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? —it is the same the angels breathe.” Those of us who are part of the great comradeship of aviation know just how sweet that air is. But it is a sweetness that comes not from the altitude, but from the very breath of the men and women who continue to make aviation their profession and their place of service. It is their friendship, comradeship, professionalism and love that has given aviation an ‘air’ that is unlike that found anywhere else.
Eleven years ago four aircraft took to the skies never to complete their flight plans. Four crews and the passengers that trusted them were taken from us in a tragedy that has no justification and defies explanation. We miss our friends and comrades. We miss our team mates who were riding aboard the craft. We grieve for the losses that befell the victims on the ground in New York City and at the Pentagon. We honor all who responded to the disasters and recognize the extreme courage and sacrifices.
Eleven years have passed. We still hurt. But we are encouraged by the simple truth, that the air we breathe in aviation is all the sweeter now, for it is shared with our friends and co-workers who are there with the very angels that Mark Twain wrote about. .....
Tim Miner OUnI
Captain 737 AAL
Chaplain FFDOA