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Bill Cason, FFDOA Executive Vice-President and Steve Sevier, FFDOA Director have an important message for the membership:




Alternate Authorized Transport Device for FFDOs approved.


FFDOA is pleased to announce that an alternate authorized transport device for FFDOs has been approved by TSA.


Working in cooperation with the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA), the Federal Flight Deck Officers Stakeholder Group and Captain Fred Eisler (FDX), FFDOA engaged in discussions with the FFDO program leadership several months ago to study alternatives to the current method of transport.  Through these discussions, TSA established an approved products list which initially includes a new, lightweight authorized transport device designed as an alternative to the issued transport system. This device maintains the security of the TSA-issued firearm and while providing a significant decrease in the weight and bulk of the issued transport system.


“We acknowledge the FFDO program leadership for reaching across the aisle and engaging the stakeholders to look for alternatives,” said CAPA Director of Security for Cargo Bill Cason, “ Steve and I were given the latitude to essentially start from scratch and evaluate a multitude of options.” 

TSA has approved use of the authorized transport device which FFDOs can use in place of the issued transport system. FFDOs may purchase the alternate authorized transport device, at their own expense, as this item will not be acquired or issued by TSA.


“We feel this is a quantum improvement to the current setup.” stated CAPA Director of Security for Passengers, Steve Sevier. “Also, by establishing an approved products list we open the door to other approved equipment possibly being added in the future.”


Summarizing, Cason said, “Overall this is a win-win situation for TSA and FFDOs.  FFDOs sacrifice their personal time and money to voluntarily protect our nation’s skies, so anytime the end users are included in the dialogue, good things result.  That leads to a higher mission count and more security for the flying public and cargo.”


Expect an email notice from TSA on December 20, 2013 to check the dashboard for information. 

The FFDO Dashboard is where you will receive the link to the order site. 

The link to order from the dashboard should go live sometime the afternoon of December 20th.

We encourage you to get your order in ASAP to get ahead of the rush that is sure to follow.