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FFDOA President Marcus Flagg has been informed by FAM leadership that there has been an overwhelming response to the request sent out two days ago for members to indicate their interest in joining the FFDO program. They also informed us that the application window for September 2012 classes is now closed as they have more than enough applicants to fill all September training slots.
We have been advised that as the Federal Air Marshal Dashboard is updated, the FFDO program will likely seek more program participants sometime in fiscal year 2013. Many of you who have already submitted requests to join the FFDO program will be contacted by the FAMS as they conduct their background checks and interviews in preparation for the FFDO training slots. Please do not contact your airline security team members as they do not know any particulars of individual applicant’s status and are not involved in the screening and selection process.
We have been informed this will be a fairly compressed process, and if contacted, your timely response to the FAMs will enhance your interview success.

Thank you to all who have expressed interest in serving as FFDOs