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FFDO Program Funding

Fellow Pilots,

In February, the President's budget asked for $20 million for the Federal Flight Deck Officer program. This was a reduction of approximately $4.73 million because of the implementation of the "Inactive Reserve Force," reductions of three federal employees and a consolidation of the requalification sites in the DHS budget request. It is important to note that the Federal Air Marshal Service/Office of Law Enforcement never indicated to the FFDO stakeholder group that the "Inactive Reserve Force" would be used as justification to reduce the FFDO budget.

On June 11, the House Appropriations Committee approved by voice vote the Subcommittee on Homeland Security appropriations bill that included $24.73 million for the FFDO program.

During the week of June 23, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on DHS passed its bill, but the specifics had not been published. At the end of June, the full Senate Commerce Committee approved the subcommittee amount for just the $20 million asked by the president's budget. As it stands now, the House Appropriations Committee has approved $24.73 million for the FFDO program for fiscal year 2015, and the Senate Appropriations Committee has approved $20 million for fiscal year 2015; both are awaiting full House and Senate action. FFDOA will continue to work to see this program fully funded.

We ask all pilots to urge their senators to fund the FFDO program at the same $24.73 million level as in the House bill, which basically keeps the program for fiscal year 2015 at the same level as the fiscal 2014 current year budget.

As we move forward, the Senate DHS appropriations bill still faces uncertainty on the Senate floor because of disagreements that have prevented passage of other bills such as the Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations bills that were pulled off the floor earlier in the month. So FFDOA & CAPA are asking the Senate to pass the DHS appropriations bill quickly, including full funding for the FFDO program.