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FFDOA is excited to announce a special run of Aker Leather holsters with the FFDOA logo embossed into the leather for the Sig Sauer P226 and P229 FFDOA Commemorative Pistols!


This beautiful holster is an Aker Leather Flatsider XR13 (Model 168A), which is an open top scabbard with FBI rake, tension screw, sweat shield, and molded sight channel.  The holster pocket is formed away from the body and has a flat back (hence the “Flatsider” label) for superior comfort and the fore and aft slots are curved to promote concealability.


The holster is available in either Black or Tan (pictured) finish, Left or Right hand carry, and for either the Sig Sauer P226 or Sig Sauer P229 pistol.  The holster will cost $56.25, which is well below the retail price of $75 for a holster without any special markings.


Additionally, FFDOA members may choose to order a matching B21 concealed carry gun belt and Model 513 magazine pouch.  The B21 belt is 1.5” wide and fully lined.  It features a polymer insert between the layers to add rigidity so that the weapon will not sag on the belt.  It also features a solid brass buckle and keeper, and feathered edges.  The belt retails for $55 but FFDOA members might pay less than retail if enough orders are received from the group.


The Model 513 magazine pouch is a single cell, slide on pouch with a low cut to allow proper indexing, and dual tension screws to provide proper retention. The pouch retails for $27 but FFDOA members might pay less than retail if enough orders are received from the group.


How To Order


FFDOA members who are interested in ordering a holster, belt or magazine pouch will need to submit their order to FFDOA Vice President for Membership Mike “Woody” Wood by 2359 Hrs on 30 June 2013.  No orders will be accepted after 2359 Hrs on 30 June 2013!  Woody will consolidate all the individual orders into a single group order, which will be placed during the first week of July 2013.


We would prefer and appreciate it if you would use the FFDOA Aker Holster Order Form which is available on the FFDOA website Discount Page at the following address:

We will also accept a plain text email with the required order information.  Please send either the completed order form or your plain text order to Woody at before 2359 Hrs on 30 June 2013.


When the group order is placed with the manufacturer, we will obtain a shipping estimate that we will post on the FFDOA website forum and discount pages.  Periodic updates will be provided on the FFDOA website forum.


PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE VENDOR DIRECTLY TO ORDER!!  The vendor will not accept separate phone or email orders for these products from individuals--they will only build and ship orders that are received as part of the FFDOA group order submitted by FFDOA.  This is to ensure that the orders are only coming from verified FFDOA members, and to cut down on the vendor’s administrative workload.  Our discounted pricing is a benefit of using this group order process.


Price and Shipping Details


The holster is priced at $56.25, which is a significant reduction from retail.  The belt and magazine pouch will be offered at retail prices ($55 and $27 respectively), but if enough people order them, then we might get a price break there as well.


The products will be drop-shipped directly to your address from the manufacturer.  The manufacturer advises that shipping costs are variable depending on zip code, but usually run about $10.


You may choose to provide your payment information (credit card and expiration date) to Woody on the order form, and he will pass it to the vendor.  Alternatively, you can elect not to provide your payment information on the order form, and the vendor will contact you at the email / phone number you have provided to obtain it when your product is ready to ship.


Choices, Choices


Once again, the holster, belt, and magazine pouch may be ordered in either Black or Tan finish.


The holster may be ordered for either the Sig Sauer P226 or P229 pistol, and may be ordered for either Left or Right hand.


You may order as many products as you wish—a holster in both colors, for example.


If you are ordering a belt, please see the belt sizing instructions on the Aker website at:



More Ordering Info


If you are not going to use the FFDOA Aker Holster Order Form (please use it if you can to simplify things, eliminate errors, and to guarantee that your individual order is included in the group order), please provide the following information in your plain text email to :


1.  Name

2.  Billing Address

3.  Shipping Address

4.  Phone number

5.  Email

6.  Payment info (if you want to give it to me--if not, the vendor will contact you for it)

7.  Holster choice (Tan or Black, P226 or P229, right or left hand) and quantity

8.  Do you want a 513 mag pouch?  Quantity? Color? Left or Right Hand?

9.  Do you want a 1.5" wide B21 belt?  Quantity?  Color? What size?  See sizing instructions on the aker website at:





If you have any additional questions, please contact Woody at

Images of the holster, belt and pouch are available on the FFDOA website forum, as well as the FFDOA website Discount Page:

Additional information regarding these products may be found on the Aker International website at