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Finally…Comprehensive Civil Liability Protection for
Federal Flight Deck Officers
October 10, 2012–The Federal Flight Deck Officers Association (FFDOA) is proud to announce the introduction of a new Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) plan that provides additional protections for Federal Flight Deck Officers (FFDOs).  The new policy from Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS) was created via a cooperative effort with FFDOA to bridge gaps in previous policies that left FFDOs vulnerable while commuting or deadheading.
The FEDS Federal Flight Deck Officer Policy pays up to $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 (depending on the policy limit you choose) of civil liability damages and the legal defense of FFDOs who are sued for an incident of any kind or character that is associated with and that arises out of an FFDOs duties in accordance with the authority afforded under the Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act (APATA).  Importantly, the new policy language includes coverage for lawful acts to thwart an act of criminal violence or air piracy while an FFDO is commuting or deadheading
Besides the dramatic expansion of coverage, the new policy boasts a significantly reduced cost (almost a 20% reduction in premiums) compared to the former policy:
The FFDO $1,000,000 policy is $200.
The FFDO $2,000,000 policy is $300.
Additional information regarding coverage terms and conditions, including a copy of the FEDS FFDO Master Policy, is available on the FFDO pages of the FEDS website.  Please visit the pages at following link to learn more about this important coverage: 
FFDOA is proud to represent FFDOs and to support them with exciting programs such as this PLI plan.  We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity.
Recently, the FFDOA Board of Directors unamiously voted to make significant alteration to our current benefit package: 
Beginning immediately, we have moved the professional discounts over to the "premium" or paid side of the website. Unfortunately, it takes dues money to run the website and support our efforts. We had hoped that most FFDOs would join the Association with a paid membership to take advantage of not only the discounts, but also the legal defense plan, forum, instructor articles and other benefits. Unfortunately, most of our members are non-paid, which leaves the burden of supporting the Association to the paying members. In the end, we felt that was not equitable.
The good news is that if you take advantage of just one of our discounts, there is a very good chance your savings will cover the annual dues. Of course, you can remain a free member and still have access to the Professional Liability Insurance, which we highly recommend.
Please know that we took this decision very seriously, and are only making this change because it was neccessary to accomplish the Association's goals and keep FFDOA fiscally strong.  To remind everyone, FFDOA is completely a non-profit 501c entity, and ALL of the Officers and Directors are volunteers and receive no compensation whatsoever.
We greatly appreciate ALL of our members and thank you for your participation.