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Holosun Technologies started in 2013, is commited to creating  innovating weapon optics and lasers that benefit a wide range of end users in the military, law enforcement and shooting communities. 


For Ordering Holosun Products you will need to submit our Holosun letterhead  via email to  from your airline specific email address (

In an effort to reduce fraud, Holosun requires all orders sent from your work email address to recieve the MIL/LEO Discount.

The MIL/LEO Discount for Holosun is 32% off retail.

Once the credential letter is submitted to Holosun, their customer support staff will supply you with a discount code and you will need to create an online account with Holosun and use your discount code at checkout.

If you have have program questions please feel free to contact Mr. Luis Chirino the MIL/LEO Sales Manager.



For Product specific questions please contact the Holosun Customer Service Team at:



Holosun Credential Letter